Foel Friog is set in the heart of Dyfi Forest and is right on the southern edge of Snowdonia. Whilst we feel very fortunate to live & work here, we also wish to go further, to help conserve the wonderful habitat around us. The natural seasonal cycle brings ever changing views, that always tempt me out with a camera. Let's start the year with a look around in Spring.


Foel Friog is bounded by river, forestry & SSSI. Our general goals are to maintain and if possible increase biodiversity. To do this, we have set ourselves the following more specific goals:

 - Reduce artificial chemical use to a bare minimum

 - Plant & restore hedgerows

 - Plant new trees

 - Graze pasture in a manner that encourages flower seeding & protects sward

 - Leave areas of rough pasture over winter for insect & small mammal cover

 - Designate a specific area ‘flood plain’ & manage to encourage plant diversity

 - Keep livestock out of woods to encourage young saplings & woodland floor plants

 - Maintain quiet backwater for amphibians to breed in

 - Leave some fallen timber for invertebrate & fungal habitat

 - Fence off sections of river bank to allow re-establishment of bank cover for wildlife

Now let's see how things look during the warmer (& often wet) summer.


We keep a database of the different species at Foel Friog. It is by no means complete, but it does give a decent indication of what to look out for. A pdf report (with id photos) can be downloaded from my MS Onedrive via the link below:

Species Report PDF

This could be used as a useful identification guide as you walk around the local region - ideal for school / educational walks.


We've found that, managed carefully, the horses complement our environmental goals. As the beautiful colours of autumn begin to fade, our minds turn to bringing the equines in to their barns, ensuring that there's plenty of feed for the wild birds and of course, to walking those beautiful hills.

Soon winter is upon us. A time for maintaining hedges & fences, planting trees, walking mountains, and enjoying some mulled wine in front of the fire.


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