Rhiwargor Melt

Centre cascades of Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau during a snow melt

Return to Rhiwargor or another trip to Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau.

I produced the digital painting above after a late winter stroll to view the falls. Photos included here, are from that trip & another occasion during springtime.

Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau

Central cascades of Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau in morning spring sunshine

The walk is a relatively unchallenging one (about 1.5 miles 300ft climb), assuming that you choose not to scramble up the side of the falls.

The character of the falls can change dramatically from a soft refreshing cascade on a hot sunny afternoon to a roaring torrent as the winter snows melt.

The river falls about 275 feet in the several stages shown by the seasonal pictures below:

May Rhyd-y-meinciau

On approach to Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau

Location: At the head of Vyrnwy lake there is a good car park (see map for details), signposted Rhiwargor. The car park has beautiful views & an interesting ironwork sculpture. A great place for a picnic but please note that the nearest public loos are some miles away, back near the dam.


Follow the path out of the far end of the car park, dropping slightly downhill towards the river & through the footpath gate. Upon reaching the river turn upstream and follow the riverbank path in a westerly direction.

When you reach a point where there is a vehicular bridge over the river, do not cross, instead stay straight ahead through the footpath gate. Continue to follow the path, twisting up & down hill along the left-hand riverbank. All the while you should be able to enjoy ever improving views of the waterfalls.

Upon reaching a wooden footbridge, cross the river and continue upstream for a short distance, to reach the base of the falls & a conveniently sited picnic table.

Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau

Upper cascades of Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau

Bare Flow

Before the spring warmth at Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau

It is possible to clamber up the side of the falls but this is a more substantial & oft muddy task that is beyond the scope of this brief guide.

So, having enjoyed some time at the waterfall. Either retrace your footsteps or take the stoned forestry track back along the northern side of the river. Follow this until you are close to the vehicular river bridge, cross back over the river and retrace your footsteps back to the car park.

Head of Rhyd-y-meinciau

A view looking back down the valley from high on Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau

To access the GPS / Mapping detail for this walk, click on the map image below and visit my ViewRanger presence or scan the QR code:


Bonus Image:

St David's Day - enjoying Wales' beauty

St David's Day - enjoying Wales' beauty

Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau

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