AnnMarie Jones (Natures Universe)

Profession: Photographer, Artist and Smallholder from Wales.
Nickname: Mysty Marie

Welcome to Natures Universe website, I'm AnnMarie but you can use my nickname "Mysty Marie", if you'd prefer.

Photographer, specialising in the techniques needed to lovingly represent our world, from Natural History to Portraits. You could also call me an environmentalist, small-holder, horse enthusiast, parent, home educator, amateur astronomer & general libertarian.

Natures Universe was born some years ago now. Having established my conservation based small-holding in the Welsh hills and retired from event photography; I was fortunate enough to receive several awards for my Natural History & Portraiture work. This encouraged me to create an outlet for my work - hence Natures Universe.

I’m lucky enough to live in the beautiful countryside of Wales and much of my photography reflects my location. I passionately believe that with the amazing technological powers that humans have developed, comes a responsibility to nurture & protect the fragile planet we live on; not just for ourselves but for all life, sentient or not. It is my desire, that by using a camera to share the beauty & diversity that I see, I may share with you a little bit of benefit & joy from staying connected with nature.


If you choose to purchase a print, then thank you very much for the support. It all helps to allow more photography to be undertaken & also helps in our efforts to conserve the local wildlife & their ecosystem. If you are interested in commissioning me for a special project or simply wish to commercially license some images, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Check our website's availability status here.


Should you wish to contact me, then the easiest & most reliable method is to use this site's contact form to email me.

Alternatively, I may be contacted via social media or voicemail, as below (please note that this may well be slower than email, I don't frequent social media sites regularly):

Voicemail:  +44 1654 778203 

Social Media :

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